Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HVD 2007!!!

For those of you fortunate enough to have a Valentine this month, well, aren't you special. You think you're so great, with your "love" and your "affection". Humbug. Enjoy the wintertime romance and I hope you get lots of expensive candy that you can share with me. I thought about posting a purely black square as tonight's post, as it is the antithesis of the red heart, but I decided on at least some anemones on a black background. I'm also reminded of a Valentine's Day Poem that I wrote in third grade, and it got published in the special school-wide Valentine's Day issue of our Gowanda Elementary School Journal. It went something like this:

Valentine's Day.
It's hearts and flowers.
And parties and cakes.
That's so nice.
Blah, blah, blah.
Blee, blee, blee.
What's so special about Valentine's Day?

I'm pretty sure that's word for word accurate, and some of my classmates still remember that poem to this very day. It's good to know that some unfondnesses never change.


Heather Mattie said...

ummm, what does blee mean?

Midnight said...

I think I just wanted something to come after blah blah blah! (Wouldn't you?) Who knows what was happening in my third-grade mind...

kh said...

that poem is perfect.

in related news, a local lunch place i favor has a "singles' day" display of yummy cookies with slogans such as "i'm the one that i want" painted in frosting.

it almost helps!

Alexis said...

thought maybe you'd enjoy this: