Friday, November 10, 2006


It sounds naughty, but it isn't, really. Tonight I saw two people about my age dive into some tall bushes, hoping that I didn't see them trespassing in the yard of an abandoned historical mansion (clearly marked with 'Get The Hell Off this Private Property You Asshole Frat Boys' signs, or something to that effect). There was a small exclamation of an expletive, and then some careening into the hedges. Followed by something like a whispered 'Ow! Sharp!'
The lesson of the week will be short and sweet: once you're spotted where you shouldn't be, don't head for the nearest shrubbery.

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Anonymous said...

i know exactly which mansion you are talking about and i myself have had to resist the urge to trespass there. it's almost like they are inviting such activity what with the run-down nature of the place, the huge do not trespass signs, and the chains on the front doors.