Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Full Time Crackheads

I thought I might let you viewers in on a little historic landmark in Pittsburgh, the Smithfield Street bridge. Very historic, I'm sure lots of celebs have passed by this very spot. Why, it's practically the red carpet of Pittsburgh. I just saw Peter, Maggie, and New Baby Saarsgard there the other day being photographed in front of these three commemorative plaques. (I hope I got a good shot of them- I tried to get a view of the Incline in the background, too. Send me a copy, m'kay?)
I'm so glad that someone had the ingenuity to add an additional plaque for the real people who surround this bridge when the celebs aren't around. Frankly, there wasn't any more room on the pillar to add more text, so they had to make do with the very bottom. Crackheads of the world, unite! You work hard for your honey.
I'm off to write something involving a vibraphone, two bassoons, and percussion (what that something is, I have no idea right now). But perhaps I'll call it 'Crackhead Bridge'.


Jess said...

I think the part-time crackheads need a bridge too. Maybe a smaller bridge. I'm going to start calling the bridge across the train tracks on the way to giant eagle the "part-time crackheads bridge" and see if it'll catch on.

Andy said...
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Andy said...

Saarsgard and co.? "Full-time Crackeads?" A Pittsburgh Historic Landmark? There's a Sienna Miller joke to be made somewhere there.

Also, I hope that Jude Law adopts the pet-name "Pittsburgh" for his next nanny.