Sunday, September 24, 2006


It has come to my attention that the world is far more populated by nerds than I had ever imagined. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Take this piece which I created based on "photos" of subatomic particle collisions with a particle accelerator. (I can imagine the physicists among you readers salivating as I type this, fondly recalling your days learning about quarks.) Well, this doesn't help things when you want to go on a date. Either 1. there seems to be only five available nice people on campus, 2. they are too wrapped up in computerspeak to care about things like "relationships", or 3. they are Republicans. I suppose I'm not getting a degree in dating, though, am I. I'm here to be a good student and write my good little orchestral piece. Well. It's my birthday and I'm allowed to complain, and Paris says she always gets what she wants when she complains. (Maybe I should complain about the lack of thousand-dollar bills in my wallet?)
However, there is something strangely attractive about having an area of interest that is so particular that only really nerdy people in your field will know what you're saying when you casually let things like '...Can you believe it? She makes her own reeds. How bourgeois.' or '...self-propelled infants can totally recognize causality...' slip out. If only Justin Timberlake could revise his very sexy song to 'Get Your Nerdy/Back', I'd be all over the dancefloor with the computer scientists. Except that they'd be dancing via webcast, and using their robots to dance for them. And I'd rather dance with my hipsters anyway.


Jess said...

I promise to never use the phrase "hipster object permanence" in front of you ever again.

Cheryl said...


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Have you heard the new weird al song called "white and nerdy," a take off of "ridin' dirty?"

Nerds rule. that is all i have to say on the subject. oh, and beautiful piece!

melissa said...

1. i think that is the coolest thing ever...the quarks/subatomic particles. do you still have it?

2. i am severly delayed in commenting and i don't know why

3. this made me laugh forever considering that i know and hang out with several computer nerds from that campus

4. i have not seen you in forever

5. i am very bitter that i had to work and did not get to celebrate your birthday with you

6. i should get a blog

7. that's enough comments from me :)